eLearn Voices

We're passionate about delivering the perfect voice to bring your eLearning content to life.

Creative teams, marketers, producers, and instructors from the world’s biggest brands and agencies trust eLearn Voices with their projects.

Our story, vision and team

Our story

Anuj Sen founded eLearn Voices in the early 20s, starting from his dorm room in Jaipur. With a background in commercial radio and media production, Anuj sought a more efficient way to work with his network of voice talent.

The high costs of renting professional recording studios, coordinating schedules, and sourcing native language speakers in smaller cities inspired him to develop a new approach. Rather than charging talent fees, eLearn Voices integrated voice actors into their team, enabling remote recording using approved setups and state-of-the-art technology to maintain consistent quality across all deliveries.

One of our foundational principles is to provide fast, high-quality voiceovers at a fair price.

A unified message delivered with a single voice.

At our core, we believe that every project, message, and story requires a distinct voice

The voice is critical in creating a genuine and immersive listening experience. Our priority is to help clients find that perfect voice from the outset.